Active Observation Cycle

MOSO is a research based software platform for practical student training through collaborative planning, presentation and observation. MOSO is targeting students in teacher, health care, and law enforcement education.


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Aarhus Universitet ble etablert i 1928. I dag er Aarhus Universitet rangert blant de 100 beste universitetene i verden, og blitt et ledende offentlig forskningsuniversitet med internasjonal rekkevidde som dekker hele forskningsspekteret. Universitetet har over 45.000 studenter som representerer mer ...


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MOSO is a platform that encompasses the entire practical training process, from preparation, through the practical phase, observation and supervision, all in one system. The implementation is inspired by social media models, where all parties can interact before, during and after the practical training session. MOSO utilizes the students’ and staffs’ existing devices so there is no need for additional hardware and time consuming installations.

The technology creates better correlation between practice periods and supervision. This way, practice location and campus are connected closer together. With MOSO – students, tutors and professors work on a common platform that helps to raise the quality of student practice periods.

The Workflow
  • Planning
  • Feedback on plans
  • Teaching/   Activity
  • Observation
  • Supervision



MOSO is developed based on research at The University of Agder and UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The research revolves around the use of technology in learning and training situations, where feedback and guidance are the essential factors.

Key findings

  1. More valid, abundant observations
  2. Greater engagement and concentration
  3. More honest and clear feedback
  4. More extensive sharing of observations and views
  5. Improved coherence and continuity
  6. Improved structure and simplification
  7. Improved preparations for supervision
  8. More reflection and greater learning outcome
Mathisen,P & Bjørndal, C. R. P. (2016). Tablet as a digital tool in supervision of student teachers’ practical training. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, Vol. 11, 4-2016 p. 227-247 ISSN online: 1891-943X 

As a MOSO user you can either choose to log on to the web application, or you can download one of the MOSO apps for iOS or Android. There are customized versions of the app for both phones and tablets. Feel free to contact us in order to set up a demo account.

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The University of Agder, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Halmstad University in Sweden
are currently researching the practical application of the software.
MOSO is financially supported by Innovation Norway.


The MOSO Team

Tormod Næss


Kari Midtsund Nordbø



Market & Project

Mohammad Hussain

Technical Development

Magnus Høvik

Technical Development

Bjørge Stølen

Product Developer

Petter Mathisen

Professor & Advisor

Cato Bjørndal

Professor & Advisor